Our Mission

Our mission is a simple one: by blending knowledge of an individual’s genetics with the principles of functional medicine, including compassion and old-fashion listening skills, The Institute for Methylation and Bio-Individualized Medicine seeks to provide education for other Practitioners in their quest to develop targeted nutritional/nutraceutical therapies for folks who entrust the Practioners with their health.

The MABIM paradigm

  • Integrates genetics with functional medicine principles
  • Recognizes that all persons are unique due to the epigenetic expression of their individual genetics, coupled with their distinct environmental exposures
  • Utilizes the concepts of epigenetics/nutrigenomics, neurotransmitter balancing, hormone balancing, GI and immune system regulation, mitochondrial optimization, and cell membrane integrity
  • Enables a Practitioner to identify and address root cause(s) of dysfunction and associated “downstream” effects, on an individual basis
  • Provides tools for developing targeted therapies to address chronic illness, and to optimize homeostasis in folks who entrust us with their health