January 2015 – Cynthia Smith

  • Cynthia Smith

January 2015 – Cynthia Smith


Cynthia Smith speaking at our January 2015 Conference.

G.I. and Autoimmune Conditions:

  • When to suspect leaky gut syndrome (intestinal hyper permeability) and how SNPs can provide guidance on possible sources (e.g., high histamine foods, high lectin foods, high oxalate foods, etc.)
  • How to select appropriate testing and applying results
  • Where to focus initial steps (e.g., PEMT SNPs—cell membrane health, PC; COMT SNPs – potential gallbladder support
  • How to apply a phased-in approach utilizing test results and SNPs as “guideposts”
  • Common mistakes
  • Follow-up

For more information about what the conference contained visit: Philadelphia Conference – January 2015

This recording is in DVD format.

The audio from the conference is available for free to attendees (you may be asked to log in): January 2015 Conference Materials

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Speaker Bio:

Cynthia organically developed a passion for functional medicine, clinical nutrition and genetics/nutrigenomics. She utilizes nutrition, genetics, a comprehensive health history, and test data that includes testing via Genova Diagnostic, NeuroSciences, Spectracell, Cyrex, Precision Analytical, and many others, in determining SNP expression. Cynthia also has a wide breadth of knowledge regarding supplements, herbs, glandular extracts and Companies who make and sell them.

Like many in the genetic field, her passion grew out of personal experience with family members who suffered from depression, hormone metabolism/clearing issues (e.g., breast cancer) and autoimmune diseases (e.g., Hashi’s, Crohns, RA).

She is well versed in addressing GI, pituitary/adrenal/thyroid/hormone-clearing, neurotransmitter and auto-immune issues. She has a detailed understanding of SNP “groupings” and their interplay with lifestyle and outside influences, and how that interplay aligns with symptoms and chronic health conditions.

A bit of history… Cynthia began retooling her career in 2006. She is not an MD. She previously worked as an Electrical Engineer for 12 years in aerospace and cell phone technology, then completed her JD and worked as a Patent Attorney for 9 years, writing patents in the electrical and mechanical arts.

Without a particular plan, other than that she wanted to work in the health and nutrition field and spend more time with her son and daughter, she scaled back her lifestyle and returned to school to re-familiarize herself with chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, herbs and other related subjects. She also attended the full series of classes offered by the Institute for Functional Medicine, participated in Poliquin classes, focused on nutrition and exercise, participated in Anti-aging seminars, Nutraceutical company classes, medical testing/interpretation classes, studied Chinese Medicine for 2 years, and completed all of the prerequisites and prep classes for Clinical Certified Nutritionist (CCN). Recently, she attended both of Ben Lynch’s methylation classes.

The genetic component rounded out application of nutrition and functional medicine principles. Obsession with genetic application continues as Cynthia actively participates in researching polymorphisms and contributes to the body of knowledge in Nutrigenomics.

Today, Cynthia works with many clients, ranging in ages. She also works with Physicians, Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Psychiatrists to assist them in applying the “genetic piece” to their practices.

She practices and is a resident of Chicago, Il. She works with clients face-to-face and/or over Skype/phone.