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The Institute for Methylation and Bioindividualized Medicine is a partnership between MTHFR Support, the Center for Bioindividualized Medicine, and a multidisciplinary team of practitioners. MABIM is dedicated to assisting others in understanding individual and/or grouped genetic polymorphisms (SNPs), their interplay with environmental elements and the resulting impact on health.

The MABIM Paradigm takes genetics and integrative medicine to a new level. By combining the knowledge of neurotransmitter balancing, hormone balancing, Immunological contribution to disease, epigenetics/nutrigenomics, acquired (secondary) mitochondrial dysfunction and cell wall integrity, the practitioner trained and experienced in this arena has the capability of identifying and treating not only the root cause(s) of dysfunction but also attending to the “downstream” effect. That is, treating whatever the primary causative agent did to the body. This MUST be done on an INDIVIDUAL basis. Each person is different with varied requirements. Practitioners of this paradigm are findings answers that have eluded others and are developing treatments that show promise in eradicating chronic illness and returning patients to normal function.

Finding answers for individuals using genetics and functional medicine principles.

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